Balanced Literacy

Balanced Literacy = Reading Workshop, Small Group Interaction, Read Aloud, Shared Reading, Word Study, and Interactive/Closed Reading.

K-2 Balanced Literacy                    3-5 Balanced Literacy

Reading Workshop                          Reading Workshop    

1.) Mini lesson                                  1.) Mini lesson
2.) Independent reading                   2.) Independent reading
    * Mid workshop teach                   * Conferences
    * Small groups                              * Small groups
    ** Guided reading                         ** Guided reading
    ** Strategy lesson                         ** Strategy lesson
    ** Book club                                  ** Book club                                              
    * One on one                                 * Partner time
3.) Partner reading                            * Assessment
4.) Teaching share                            * Mid-workshop interruption
                                                          3.) Teaching share
Interactive read aloud
Shared reading                                 Interactive read aloud
Word work                                        Shared reading
                                                         Word study

What do the components of Balanced Reading consist of?

Reading Workshop is one component of  a balanced reading program. The reading workshop is comprised of a mini lesson, student reading time, a mid-workshop teaching point, and a teaching share time. Balanced Literacy also includes phonics, interactive read-aloud and a writing workshop.

Mini lesson: Reading workshop begins with students gathering in the classroom meeting area for a short mini lesson.

Student Reading Time with Conferring and Small Group Work: After the mini lesson, students read self-selected just-right books. They read privately and quietly while the teacher moves around the classroom, conferring with individuals, or meeting with partnerships or clubs. The teacher will also be apt to lead a guided reading group and/or one or more strategy lessons during this time.

Teaching Share/Partner/Book Clubs: At the end of the workshop (after reading time), the teacher brings closure to the day's work. This time is used to share ways in which students have incorporated that day's mini lesson into their work and to share their new insights or discoveries.

Read Aloud: During the read aloud, a teacher reads aloud to students in order to model and demonstrate the orchestration of strategies that characterize proficient reading. The read aloud is also a time when students receive instruction that helps them talk well about books.

Word Study: Word study is a daily component of balanced literacy for each grade and every level of reader and writer. This is the time of day for teaching phonics, spelling and vocabulary.

Shared Reading: Shared reading is an opportunity for the teacher to read a text with students (all eyes on a shared text). This is particularly effective for helping students who need extra support with a particular skill. Teachers especially use Shared Reading to teach concepts of print, word solving strategies, ways to orchestrate the sources of information, and fluency.


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